Friday, February 6, 2015

Tips and Tricks
Use 1-4 dryer sheets from your local dollar store with intricate dies. No more poking and tearing my card stock.
"We don't make mistakes-just happy accidents".  It's an opportunity to put an embellishment or additional stamping on the mistake - OR we are sure glad we have two sides of the card stock!

The use of Post-It Notes! To holding thinlits/framlits in place, to "block" stamp, etc. Use post it notes to hold smaller pieces of paper in a punch --saves on waste. Seems like there is a new idea for these little papers every week and that's why I have several packets or all sizes.

When tying a ribbon around a layer on a card front or around a package, place a glue dot where the first part of your knot/bow will be. Stick that first knot onto the glue dot and it will stay tight. This leaves both hands free to finish the knot or bow. No more holding a finger down on the knot to keep it tight!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015