Sunday, April 15, 2012

Retired List Announced Today!

The brand new Stampin' Up! Catalog is just six weeks away! It will start a month earlier than scheduled on June 1st. To make room for all the fresh new stamps on their way, it's time to say goodbye to some of our old favorites. This is by far, the LARGEST LIST that Stampin Up has ever presented, with over 300 items!...They decided with the NEW catalog format, size and date of release, it was also a great opportunity to revamp the entire content, so, while you may be sad that so many are leaving - Be JOYFUL, that we are getting a WHOLE CATALOG of new exciting Products!......these stamps will no longer be available when the new Idea Book and Catalog goes live June 1st, and sometimes they also sell if you have a favorite on this list, consider ordering soon. The Simply Adorned jewelry line and the Definitely Decorative line (including D├ęcor Elements) are being discontinued. I’ll post the accessories list after the list is announced on April 25th.   You can check out the retired list here!

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