Friday, April 13, 2018

 Retiring Lists and Color Revamp

The above picture includes product from a NEW bundle that will be available to customers next month, “Share What You Love”.
• Our last color revamp was in 2010 (eight years ago) when we changed many colors in our offering.
• Our last color refresh was in 2013 (five years ago) when we changed just a few core colors.
• We looked at sales and eliminated low sellers to make room for something new.
• We conducted color trend research and identified gaps in our current color offering.
• We explored different ways to group colors into collections; we wanted each collection to have a color spectrum element and include colors that worked best together. This meant that we had to change existing collections.
• Sales data tell us what is popular and what’s not. Everyone has their favorite colors, but we can’t ignore the fact that some colors just don’t sell well even though they may be a favorite color for a very small group of people.
• Color trends change over time and we want to keep our color offering fresh, new, and relevant. Cycling through different variations of color keeps our palettes fresh. Color trends are what keep us loving color and keep us excited about what will come next.
• New colors open possibilities for color coordination and the opportunity for exciting new color combinations.
With the number of colors being retired, that means if you have a favorite, you may want to stock up ASAP.  I say that because retiring colors of ink, re-inkers and cardstocks are the first to sell out.  The accessories and embellishments are often the next to go, so make your list.

This particular product can sometimes seem confusing when it comes to retirement time.  Let me try to better explain...

As you may notice on the retiring lists - ALLBUNDLES SHOW AS RETIRING.  That's because Bundles are available with the 10% savings only during the first catalog they are debuted in.  Having said that...even though a BUNDLE retires doesn't always mean the product is retiring, some of the bundle products will carryover.  So here is the list of bundled products that are officially retired and will be gone after 5/31.    

BUNDLES RETIRING - will be gone after 5/31
If any of these bundles are on your wish list - get them now before they are gone.  (See shopping links below)
  • Birthday Delivery - Annual
  • Celebration Time - Annual
  • Charming Cafe - Occasions
  • Fruit Basket - Occasions
  • Grown with Love - Annual
  • Home Life - Annual
  • Lovely Friends - Annual
  • Lovely Inside & Out - Annual
  • Magical Day - Occasions
  • Party Hat Birthday - Occasions
  • Picnic with You - Occasions
  • Sunshine & Rainbows - Occasions
  • **Sure Do Love You - Occasions (MUST-HAVE - in my opinion)
  • Truly Tailored - Occasions (stamp set going away, punch will still be available)
  • You Move Me - Annual
BUNDLES RETIRING, BUT - will be available as individual products  June 1st - without 10% discount If any of these bundles are on your wish list - get them now before the Bundle 10% discount pricing goes away! 
  • A Little Wild - Annual
  • Apron of Love - Occasions
  • At Home with You - Annual
  • Barn Door- Occasions
  • Beautiful Bouquet - Annual
  • Bike Ride - Annual
  • Bubble Over - Occasions
  • Cake Soiree - Occasions
  • Climbing Orchid - Annual
  • Coffee Cafe - Annual
  • Colorful Seasons - Annual
  • Daisy Delight - Annual
  • Eastern Beauty - Annual
  • Happy Birthday Gorgeous - Annual
  • Hold on to Hope - Occasions
  • Label Me Pretty - Annual
  • Lemon Zest - Annual 
  • Let the Good Times Roll - Occasions
  • Oh So Eclectic - Annual
  • Petal Palette - Occasions
  • Pocketful of Sunshine - Annual
  • Ribbon of Courage - Annual
  • Tabs for Everything - Annual
  • Wood Words - Annual
Here's my recommendation:
  • check the first list above against your wish list and get those first (sooner the better as these will only be available while supplies last). 
  • then review the second list and if you'd like to save 10% on any of those - you'll want to get them by May 31st.  Discount pricing will NOT be available after May 31st.
  • You'll find all BUNDLES in the online store retiring section.  Shop for Bundles HERE.
 Retiring lists

Occasions Catalog  Click Here
Annual Catalog Click Here

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